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White - Eternal Morning (Tablo + Pe2ny)

"Everything is white, without you."

Looking forward to this year’s #HIERODAY2014! There’s a lot of work that goes into putting a FREE festival like this together and that work falls on the shoulders of only a few. I’ve heard a lot of the criticism regarding this year’s festival’s lack of women representation and I agree. I’ve spoken to one of the lead organizers in great detail about it and I promise you that the voices have been heard. As a festival put together for the community - that is only in its 3rd year - it’s important that we voice our concerns as a community and hold folks accountable in the direction of resolve (vs. dissolve). With that said, we should always be strategic in our push. Through a simple phone call, I found out things that happened on the back end that prevented certain artists from being able to perform that might’ve have balanced the bill a little better as well as the attempts made to book certain artists - without repeating the same bill as last year. I’m in no way excusing or justifying this exclusion, but I am drawing that the organizers are very open and willing to build. This issue of gender imbalance is something that I’m assured will be focused on in the continuation of this festival. I encourage the community of Oakland to support and help take ownership of this festival by not only criticizing but aiding the organizers through genuine dialog - as opposed to dismissing it and allowing it to die secondary to a fixable issue. As somebody from a place and time when free Hip Hop/music festivals were plentiful, I would hate for y’all to watch as I did as so many of them died prematurely or got swallowed and enslaved by corporate sponsorship… We have an opportunity to make Hiero Day a true celebration of the crew who helped put Oakland Hip Hop on the world map for years to come. Let’s not push potential allies away without opening a forum for real conversation. Speaking of which, as I am in NO way speaking FOR the sisters, I would love for y’all to chime in. S/O to the festival organizers for being willing to listen and take on the challenges of being inclusive and representative of such a diverse community. Sorry for the typo’s. #GENDERBALANCEDHIPHOP

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